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Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention


Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention was founded in 1995 to demonstrate a better way to treat and educate children with emotional and behavioral disorders.  AIP brings into the public schools innovative therapeutic and support programming that helps children with serious mental health issues while preventing problems and disruptions for other children in the school.  The goal:  To give students with social/emotional difficulties and those who are struggling in school a chance to succeed in the least restrictive setting possible. 

AIP operates full-service school partnerships, including afterschool, summer, and other programs, at two Boston public middle schools.  AIP also provides mental health services to children and youth with serious difficulties at close to a dozen other schools and in the children’s homes.  AIP operates a one-of-a-kind inclusion model therapeutic day program inside a public school.  AIP’s programs blend therapeutic, special education, and prevention approaches.

Today, AIP continues to demonstrate a sustainable public/private partnership that advances students’ emotional well-being and educational achievement. 


News and Announcements

AIP Bullying Prevention

In The News

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is the most most researched and effective approach to keeping students safe from bullying. AIP's Olweus trainers have been working with the Boston Public School system to implement the Olweus system. 

For news reports about how Irving students are improving school climate by speaking up in defense of victims and thereby making bullying uncool link here to stories on WBUR's All Things Considered, Boston Herald, and WCVB TV.

Summer Programs

AIP is operating full-day summer programs at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle school beginning July 5. The program include academic classes in the morning and afternoons filled with lots of recreational, enrichment, sports and filed trips.  For more information contact Susan Lovett at the Frederick (617.849.7415)




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