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Lilla G. Frederick Middle School

Lilla G. Frederick Middle School

About the Frederick School
AIP at the Frederick School
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About the Frederick School

The story of the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School is a story of neighborhood organizing and neighborhood empowerment.  Most of all, it is a story of a community’s commitment to its youth. At the heart of the school’s vision is the conviction that every child in the school (mostly low-income African American and Latino children) deserves to learn and to succeed, that no child in the school should be unknown or invisible, and that children are the shared responsibility of the entire community.   

Since it opened in 2003, the Frederick has operated as a pilot school of the Boston Public Schools.  The pilot school designation is the result of a special 1994 agreement between the school district and the Boston Teachers’ Union to allow for alternative work rules at the school that prioritize site-based management and leadership.  In practical terms, this means that the school, while still fully a part of the school district, with the same budget as any other school and the same responsibilities for educating students to the standards of the district, has a significant amount of autonomy from the district over budget, staffing, governance, curriculum, assessment, and the school calendar.  Teachers who choose to work at a pilot school voluntarily agree to work the hours set by the school, even though they are in excess of the standard union agreement.

The City invested $40 million to erect this state-of-the-art new school building, situated on 11 acres of formerly abandoned land that had suffered from the worst of urban blight.  A community-based Board helped to design the building and now governs it.  Community members—police, ministers, nearby residents, parents, activists, youth workers, counselors, business people, artists, others—stop by the school, many on a daily basis, to help out.  The building is open until 11:00 pm every night and all day on weekends, with its beautiful facilities available for community use.  In this neighborhood, the building functions not only as a school, but also as a community center.  A neighborhood church meets there weekly.  Project RIGHT, the lead community organizing group, holds its member meetings there.  On Saturdays, the school grounds serve as a community park for young families in a neighborhood with little other green space.  Citywide institutions, from the Mayor’s Office to The Boston Foundation, use the school’s auditorium and other rooms for public gatherings. Opened in 2003, the Frederick has become both a community school and a community center, serving the entire neighborhood. 

Frederick Pilot School
Student Body Snapshot










Native American


Low income 


First language other than English


Limited English proficiency


Enrolled in Special Education 


AIP at the Frederick School

AIP is the Frederick School’s lead full-service school partner, responsible for bringing programs and partnerships into the school that complement and augment the school’s own academic and extra-curricular offerings. 

AIP runs a range of out-of-school time programs to address academic and non-academic barriers to Frederick students’ achievement.  Our programs include:  ASPIRE Therapeutic Afterschool Program, The Summer Spot full-summer program, Before-School Program, Saturday Scholars program, and tutoring opportunities.  In addition, AIP operates a “21st Century Community Learning Center” at the Frederick, bringing several dozen partnerships into the school during the school day and the non-school hours and coordinating all afterschool activities and clubs led by school staff and outside partners.  All these programs enrich the school, giving children the opportunity to experience activities as varied as: Photography, Community Service, Technology Goes Home, Drama, Basketball Team, Afterschool Program for Latina/o Youth, Break Dancing, Tutoring, Science Club, School Newspaper, Wrestling Team, Recycling Club, Peer Mediation Program, etc.

We also bring mental health services into the school through the social work internship program that we run and through our own staff MSW, who serves as the Lead Social Work Facilitator for the Frederick’s student support staff.  As the Frederick school’s lead partner in Out of Harm’s Way, a United Way project, we infuse the school with extra resources—staffing, training, programs-- for preventing violence.  Connecting With Care, AIP’s school-based mental health partnership, is housed at the Frederick and serves the Frederick student body with two full-time clinical social workers and an Evening Family Clinic in the building.  This brings to the Frederick significant resources for clinical treatment of mental health, trauma, or behavioral issues for Frederick students and their families.  AIP also is a partner in Project Shefa (Children’s Hospital Boston), which provided dedicated, culturally competent therapeutic services to the many Somali youth in the Frederick School.


For Further Information

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