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Washington Irving Middle School

Washington Irving Middle School

About the Irving School
AIP at the Irving School
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About the Irving School

The Washington Irving Middle School is a Boston public school located in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston.    It has 685 students in grades 6-8 (ages 11-15) and 69 staff, including 50 teachers.  It hosts one of the school district’s Advanced Work programs and prides itself on being a school that sets high expectations for its students in academic as well as other domains. 

The Irving School draws students from across Boston, with the majority living in the Roslindale, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods of the City of Boston, followed by the neighborhoods of Roxbury, Hyde Park, and Mattapan.  This is the only BPS middle school with a multilingual program for new immigrant students; 26 languages are spoken in the multilingual classroom.  Many of these students, whose young lives were disrupted by war, violence, loss of family, or living in refugee camps, are attending a formal school setting for the first time.

Irving School Student Body Snapshot










Multi-racial, non-Hispanic


Native American


Low income 


Low/moderate income


First language other than English


Limited English proficiency


Students eligible for Individual Student Success Plans because they had failed the MCAS 


Enrolled in Special Education 


AIP at the Irving School

Started in 1995, AIP at the Irving School is Boston’s oldest operating full-service school program.  AIP addresses academic and non-academic barriers to student achievement by closely aligning our activities with the academic goals of the school.  AIP’s participation  in a 2000-2002 study sponsored by the City of Boston of the effectiveness of intensive afterschool supports for students at risk for school failure provides research evidence that validates our Irving School program design and effectiveness. 

AIP’s resources at the Irving are significant, driving a large body of programming to serve students with a variety of needs.  Our programs have varied over the years, responsive to the changing nature of our collaboration as the school has changed over time.  A snapshot of the current AIP Full-Service Programming at the Irving School:

School Day:  The AIP Inclusion Day Program serves 20 students at any one time.  These are students in Special Education who have serious emotional or behavioral disorders.  The Inclusion Day Program includes academic instruction, counseling and other therapeutic supports, and a full array of wraparound services.

Out-of-School Time:  The AIP Afterschool and Summer Programs serve Irving students at high risk for school failure or personal difficulties.  These programs include tutoring (Supplemental Educational Services), counseling, case management, and family outreach.  The programs serve students from our Inclusion Day Program plus many other children at the school who are referred to us by teachers who recognize students’ need for extra supports.

AIP also provides opportunities for learning, recreation, and advancement to the rest of the student body through several other initiatives:

  • Our counseling program provides individual therapy and psychoeducational groups and case management services to students referred to us by the school’s Student Support Team.  An AIP clinical social worker and our team of Master's level social work interns see the students who are referred to our counseling program.  AIP participates in regular meetings of the Irving Student Support Team, which links students to needed services. 
  • AIP also operates a “21st Century Community Learning Center” at the Irving School, sponsoring a variety of other afterschool activities for Irving students.  AIP runs sports teams, community service, and other enrichment activities open to the entire Irving School student body.  We also help interested students and families who are not eligible for our Therapeutic Afterschool Program to connect with other afterschool programs, including Citizen Schools, a general enrollment afterschool program and partner in our Community Learning Center.  As part of its full-service school mission, AIP works to recruit and oversee multiple community partner agencies anxious to work in schools but needing on-the-ground support to deliver their services efficiently and effectively.



For Further Information

For more information about the Irving School and AIP’s programs at the Irving:

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