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For Parents: Connecting with Care Program

This AIP partnership brings more mental health treatment services into schools in the Grove Hall area.  Called Connecting With Care, this program places full-time clinicians at five different schools (all grade levels).  In addition to serving all manner of children’s mental health issues, the project uses a special clinical approach for helping students affected by trauma.  Connecting With Care also operates an Evening Family Clinic housed at the Frederick Pilot Middle School, so that families can work together with their child’s therapist to help children in distress feel better and do better.

One important reason for creating Connecting With Care is because many students where we work are exposed to violence in their neighborhoods and yet, there are not enough mental health resources available in the area to support the children as they deal with the short and long term emotional impact trauma can inflict.  The Evening Family Clinic is an important addition because it will give families supports to help themselves and their children when times are tough.  It means that parents or guardians have the opportunity to meet with their child’s therapist and collaborate with them.

Connecting With Care is a partnership between AIP and The Home for Little Wanderers, Family Service of Greater Boston, Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Children’s Hospital Boston, and the Boston Public Schools.

Click here for more information about Connecting With Care.


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