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For Parents: AIP Partnership with Washington Irving Middle School

Since 1995, AIP has operated programs that support students at the Washington Irving Middle School.  Our experienced mental health and student support staff work alongside special needs certified Irving School teachers in the AIP Inclusion Day Program.  This program serves a small number of children with serious emotional or behavioral diagnoses.  AIP extends its extensive mental health and student support expertise to the larger student body through school-based counseling and prevention-focused afterschool and summer programs for many more students who are struggling with school or personal challenges.  Supplemental Educational Services bring highly qualified academic instructors (certified Boston Public Schools teachers) into our programs to provide small group tutoring in Math and English. Students with significant behavioral, emotional, and/or academic challenges attend our afterschool and summer programs alongside their more typical peers, creating an enriching opportunity for all students.

AIP Programs at the Irving School
Family Participation
Our Staff
Irving School Program Forms and Documents

AIP Programs at the Irving School:

AIP Inclusion Day Program
AIP Therapeutic Afterschool Program
AIP Summer Program
Supplemental Educational Services


Family Participation

AIP collaborates closely with the families of our students.  Families are welcome to visit our programs at any time.  Talk to us about your child, about what you think would be helpful, about your questions about our program, or about how you think we can work together to support your child.  Families call us, email us, and make appointments to meet with us when they have questions, concerns, ideas, or feedback.  We can be helpful when families are looking for support or guidance for how best to help their child.  Families can be helpful to AIP when you let us know what is going on with your child at home and what your goals are for your child.  When AIP and families communicate regularly, you will learn a lot about your child’s academic progress and school behavior, how your child is doing socially, and ways that you can help your child.  We will share with you what we have learned about your child’s strengths and challenges.  We learn from parents the best ways to support each child in working toward his/her potential.  Families help AIP staff to understand their children.  Families help us to do our job, so we need to work in close partnership.

How to contact us: 

To talk to someone in the program, call (617) 469-0074 Monday through Friday during the school day and afternoons.

Our fax number is (617) 469-3281.

If you would like to write to us or visit us, our address is the same as the Irving School:

Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention, Inc.
Washington Irving Middle School
105 Cummins Highway
Roslindale, MA  02131-2614


Our Staff

AIP’s staff at the Irving brings significant mental health resources into the school.  AIP at the Irving is staffed by Master’s-level social workers, Bachelor’s- and Master’s-level behavior specialists, a team of MSW social work interns, certified special education teachers, and part-time activity leaders (Bachelor’s level or above).  All the social workers and teachers have long histories with the AIP Inclusion Day Program and are expert at supporting youth with serious behavioral diagnoses.  Most of our Summer Program staff also work in our school year programs, providing continuity and stability for the children we serve.  The quality of our staff lies at the heart of our success in working with troubled children and children at high risk of problems. 


Irving School Program Forms and Documents

You can download a variety of forms, documents, and manuals from our Irving School programs through this website.  Please click on the document you’d like to view.

Inclusion Day Program:

Inclusion Day Program Brochure
Inclusion Day Program Parent Handbook
Inclusion Day Program Student Handbook

Therapeutic After School Program:

AIP Afterschool Program (Irving School) Brochure
AIP Afterschool Program (Irving School) Parent Handbook
AIP Afterschool Program (Irving School) Blank Permission Slip
AIP Afterschool Program (Irving School) Standards of Behavior
AIP Afterschool Program (Irving School) Sample Weekly Schedule

Summer Program:

AIP Summer Program (Irving School) Flyer
AIP Summer Program (Irving School) General Camp Schedule



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