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Inclusion Day Program

Research Findings

AIP’s Inclusion Day Program at the Washington Irving Middle School in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston serves 20 Boston Public School students with serious behavioral or emotional disturbances.  In close collaboration with the school and the school district, AIP operates three therapeutic classrooms for children in grades 6 through 8 inside the Irving School. 

Teachers in the Inclusion Day Program are certified special education teachers, employees of the Boston Public Schools.  They work side-by-side in the classroom with AIP’s Behavior Specialists and Clinical Social Workers.  Through a “milieu” approach, children receive the individual attention and treatment they need to learn to manage their emotions and behaviors so that they can succeed in school and in life.  As students progress, we work to step them down into either mainstream or non-behavioral special needs classrooms.

Program Accomplishments  The AIP Inclusion Day Program . . . Reduces out-of-district placements Facilitates the earliest possible  transition back to public school Reduces stigmatization Increases family involvement Keeps students focused concretely on  the goal of public school reintegration

AIP classes follow the standard school district curriculum, so that AIP students keep apace with their peers.  This prepares them to make the transition from our classrooms to regular education classrooms as soon as they have developed the skills to manage successful interactions in a normal peer and educational environment. 

The AIP Inclusion Day Program is characterized by:

  • Public/private partnership
  • Small class sizes
  • Seasoned, certified Boston Public Schools special education teachers
  • Low student-to-staff ratio
  • Therapeutic supports in and out of the classroom with highly qualified clinical staff
  • Individual attention
  • High levels of parent involvement and collaboration
  • Focus on working toward successful integration into regular education

Students enter the program only through referrals from the Boston Public Schools’ Special Education Department via an Individualized Educational Plan.  We work closely with parents to support their children’s progress in our program.


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