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Supplemental Educational Services

AIP is an approved provider of Supplemental Educational Services, an academic support program licensed by the Mass. Dept. of Education and administered by the Boston Public Schools.  Through AIP, eligible children can access tutoring from certified Boston Public School teachers after school, before school, or on Saturdays, free of charge.  At AIP, we integrate Supplemental Educational Services into our other programs so that the formal instruction and the informal education reinforce one another.

AIP Supplemental Educational Services at the Frederick Pilot Middle School

AIP offers Supplemental Educational Services tutoring with licensed Frederick School English Language Arts and Math teachers after school and on Saturdays, all school year.

After School:  AIP provides SES tutoring to 24 students each week, Monday through Thursday, as part of the ASPIRE Afterschool Program.  Students who need extra help with their assignments meet for one hour, individually or in small groups, with Frederick School teachers who work in our afterschool program.  We offer tutoring in three subjects: English Language Arts, Math, and Science.  The tutoring curriculum is tailored to students’ daily homework assignments. 

Saturday Scholars:  Every Saturday, all the students who attend our drop-in program (approximately 75 Frederick students each week) participate in 2.5 hours of Supplemental Educational Services.  Students spend the morning studying in small groups with Frederick classroom teachers.  Tutoring time is divided between two subjects: Math and English Language Arts.  The Saturday curriculum is aligned with the school-week curriculum that students are studying in their classes.  There is no fee for this service. 

For more information, contact AIP’s Frederick SES Coordinator

AIP Supplemental Educational Services at the Irving Middle School

Students in the AIP Therapeutic Afterschool Program at the Irving receive Supplemental Educational Services during the afterschool hours.  Small-group tutoring in Math and English Language Arts, aligned with the official district curriculum, is provided by Irving School teachers who work in the AIP program after school.  The teachers provide remedial support for students who are behind in their classroom work and individualized instruction to help students understand challenging concepts.  The curriculum directly matches the material students are covering in their classes at school.

Academic enrichment in Math and English is also offered every morning during our summer program.

For more information, contact AIP’s Irving SES Coordinator.


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