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Therapeutic Afterschool Programs

AIP Therapeutic Afterschool Program at the Washington Irving Middle School


Hours:   Monday – Thursday, 1:30-4:30 pm
Location:  On site at the Irving School
Dates:   September to June
Fee:  Nominal fee, with a sliding scale
Contact:  Irving Afterschool Program Director

The AIP Therapeutic Afterschool Program at the Irving School serves 60 Irving students in grades 6, 7, and 8.  The program is open to students who are struggling with academic, emotional, behavioral, and/or social/familial stresses.  We serve students with emotional and behavioral disorders who attend the AIP Inclusion Day Program alongside many more children who are in regular education classrooms in the school.  Program admission is through teacher/school administrator referral only. 

Activities and Schedule

1:30-2:35:   Homework Help and Tutoring
2:35-2:50:   Snack and Socialize
2:50-4:15:   Activity Choices
4:15-4:30:   Dismissal/Pickup

Every day after Homework Help and Tutoring, children participate in enjoyable enrichment activities both on and off site.  Examples of activities: Art, Skating, Swimming, Basketball, Multicultural Poetry, Soccer, School Newspaper, Cooking, and many others.  Activity options rotate every eight weeks.

Mental Health and Emotional Supports

The program is staffed by Master’s-level social workers, Bachelor’s- and Master’s-level behavior specialists from the Inclusion Day Program, and a team of MSW social work interns.   The program offers children a variety of psychoeducational support groups as well as prevention education (violence prevention, STD prevention, substance use prevention, prevention of early pregnancy).   Case management and counseling are provided for students who need these supports.  We are in frequent contact with families, working with parents and guardians to provide referrals or family support as needed.

Academic Support

Homework completion and academic achievement are critical for our students, many of whom are struggling in school.  Students are required to complete an hour of homework before they can proceed to their daily recreational activities.  Staff work with students to help them organize their schoolwork and to assist with homework as needed.  In addition, we offer tutoring by Irving School teachers during the afterschool hours for children needing extra instruction or remediation.  The program collaborates closely with Irving teachers so that each child benefits from a team approach. 

Teacher and Parent Connections

We work closely with Irving School daytime teachers in order to offer unified support for children’ learning.  Because we track what is going on in each child’s classroom, we can support students in completing their homework and extending their understanding of the material they are taught in school.  We collect formal reports from teachers about each child’s academic performance and classroom behavior every two weeks. 

Family involvement is at the cornerstone of our success.  Parents/guardians sign an Academic Improvement Contract, agreeing to work closely with afterschool staff to oversee their child’s academic performance, when they enroll their child.  Our staff speak with parents regularly about students’ attendance, academic performance in school, and behavior.  Our Parent Nights, held every 2 months, are popular with families.  We serve as an important conduit between the school and the family. 

Click here for a recent copy of the AIP Irving Afterschool Program Student newsletter.


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