Bounce Back Remote Facilitation Overview

Bounce Back Remote Facilitation is an adaptation of Bounce Back designed to be delivered as a synchronous, online group for elementary school students. The 9-session curriculum includes the skill building sessions of the original (psychoeducation, relaxation, thought restructuring, exposure, and social problem-solving) with detailed instructions for how to implement online. It can be delivered as a weekly or twice weekly group. Because of the online group format and issues related to privacy, sessions devoted to individual sessions and the trauma narrative are not included in the adapted curriculum.

This adaptation is intended for use by clinicians previously trained in the Bounce Back model. We ask that clinicians let us know that they are using the curriculum by registering their groups with us online so that we can track usage and obtain feedback on the curriculum.

Clinicians should be sure to follow their school’s policies regarding parental consent and use of secure online video platforms. AIP staff are available to answer questions about implementation. If you would like to begin using the curriculum with students, please register your group using the link below and we will send you the pdf version.


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