CBITS, Bounce Back, and STRONG Resources

CBITS, Bounce Back, and STRONG Resources contains all necessary resources and materials for clinicians who are implementing online groups. There are sections for:

  • General Resources related to CBITS and Bounce Back
  • CBITS Resources and Bounce Back Resources that include related manuals and supporting materials for both models
  • Downloadable Forms that includes all necessary CBITS and Bounce Back forms
  • STRONG Resources that contain all STRONG materials
  • CBITS Online Live and Bounce Back Remote Facilitation, which are previews of adaptations of CBITS and Bounce Back for synchronous, online group facilitation

 If you are having trouble locating a particular resource you need to run your group, or if you have other questions for the AIP staff, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

If you are currently running a group, or preparing to run a group, you can register your group here.