Our Work

Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention is committed to improving access to mental health services within school settings and in communities and to offer services in ways that research shows will provide the greatest utilization. We also focus on workforce development in order to raise the level of quality of those services by training clinicians and graduate interns in a variety of evidence-based practices to treat mental health disorders.

Evidence-based Practices

We are committed to providing training, consultation and supervision in treatments for trauma and other mental health difficulties that research has demonstrated to be effective. These practices have been vetted and listed on several nationwide registries of evidence-based practices.

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School-based Mental Health

Research shows that children are much more likely to receive services to address mental health difficulties when they are provided within schools rather than community-based clinics. The benefits of those interventions increase when services are offered based upon the best researched evidence of effectiveness.

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Community-based Mental Health

AIP's Hands to Heart Center (HTHC) and Multisystemic Therapy (MST) programs provide community-based mental health services for individuals and families. HTHC's free, customized yoga and mindfulness classes are offered as adjunctive mental health treatment in low-income communities. MST's clinicians provide intensive, in-home therapy services for families referred by the Department of Children and Families.

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Partnership Resources

Partnerships are integral to almost everything we do here at AIP. We have over 20 years of experience crafting partnerships between school systems and community partners to provide services and innovative solutions to problems face by school-aged children. Over the years we have developed a number of systems, tools, and best-practices to help organizations and schools work together to maximize their partnership efforts.

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