Community-based Mental Health

AIP Community-based Mental Health

Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention is a firm believer in delivering services to the places where people are, instead of making people come to service providers.  In addition to our school-based work, AIP has a long history of providing services to those who need them, where they need them. This includes in-home therapy services, services within homeless shelters and community centers, and we are even working in collaboration with Hands to Heart Center to provide yoga services to prison populations.

Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

MST is a pragmatic, goal-oriented, family- and community-based treatment that addresses the causes of serious anti-social behavior in youth who are at high risk for out-of-home placement. MST focuses on the factors associated with major behavioral problems in the key systems in youths’ lives: their families, their peer networks, their schools, and their neighborhoods. Using the strengths of each system to foster positive change, MST promotes behavior change in youths’ natural environments. MST mobilizes individual, family, and community resources to support and maintain behavioral change.

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Hands to Heart Center

Hands to Heart Center is a nonprofit organization that shares the healing practices of yoga and mindfulness with people affected by addiction, poverty and trauma. HTHC's Community Yoga Teachers provide trauma-sensitive yoga classes in branch libraries, community centers, detention units, domestic violence shelters, high-poverty schools, homeless shelters, prisons, public housing developments and residential treatment programs in Greater Boston. A growing body of evidence shows that a regular yoga practice alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and trauma. HTHC's customized yoga and mindfulness classes are accessible, inclusive and inspiring.

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