AIP offers trainings to clinical teams and school districts in evidence-based practices to address symptoms of anxiety which is frequently co-morbid with symptoms of exposure to traumatic stress.

Coping Cat

Developed by Phillip Kendall at Temple University’s Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic, Coping Cat is a 16-session cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxious children (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, and Separation Anxiety Disorder). The goal of the treatment is to teach children to recognize physical signs of anxiety, and to let these signs serve as cues for the implementation of anxiety coping strategies. Techniques used in the treatment model are psycho-education, relaxation, cognitive restructuring and exposure.

Coping Cat is designed for children ages 7-13. C.A.T. Project is an adaptation designed for children ages 14-17. There are adaptations for group therapy, family therapy and a brief treatment (8 sessions) model.

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Coping Cat is rated as Well-Supported by Research Evidence on CEBC.

Coping Cat is rated as a Program with Promising Outcomes on NREPP.

C.A.T. Project is rated as Promising Research Evidence on CEBC.