Partnership Resources

Partnership Resources

The Alliance for Inclusion & Prevention has a long history of fostering and promoting partnerships as a way to cost-effectively bring important services into school buildings. A robust partnership strategy can help an individual school or school system to offer a rich variety of student services and enrichment activities to improve overall experience. Partnerships aren’t always easy but, when managed properly, can create huge value for schools, partner organizations, and most importantly for students.

The Alliance for Inclusion & Prevention’s partnership work revolves around two primary offerings:

  1. Research and partnership strategy advice from the Full-service Schools Roundtable
  2. Partnership management resources, including the web-based PartnerTrax system, developed in-house, based on AIP’s decades of partnership coordination work.

We are passionate about expanding students’ access to high quality services, and helping schools and school systems to close the Opportunity Gap for all students.

  • Full-service Schools Roundtable

    The Full-service Schools Roundtable is an organization working to collaborate with the Boston Public School system and its community. Learn more.

  • PartnerTrax

    PartnerTrax is a database driven system for tracking partnerships activities across a school district. Ask us how to get more out of your partnership efforts. Learn more.