Nonprofit organizations in the United States

$1.9 Trillion

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How are you tracking and managing your school's important partnerships?


AIP worked closely with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to develop and scale up PartnerBPS, an iteration of AIP's PartnerTrax partnership management platform. BPS is now actively deploying this tool across the district to both school users and external organizations. It is being used by all 128 Boston public schools and the central administrative office. PartnerBPS has been very successful, with over 1000 organizations registering since going live system-wide in Fall 2016. This partnership management tool has been a valuable asset for the district, equipping it for the first time with information needed to manage services and programs provided in its schools.

Now that the concept has been proven in a large school district like Boston, we are exploring ways to disseminate the PartnerTrax product to other districts with significant community partners but no formal means to track or manage them centrally. The acclaim our product has received from both BPS and the nonprofit provider community affirms the accuracy of our analysis that school districts need better partnership management tools. Developing tools to make it easier for school administrators and external partners to connect, communicate their needs, and provide the best services to students is at the heart of what we do here at AIP.

If you would like to discuss what we can do for your school district, or take a tour of our PartnerTrax platform, you can reach out to us here.