Training for Schools & Districts

Training for Schools

Training for Schools and School Districts

Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention offers trainings and consultation throughout the year to help schools and school districts better respond to students who have been affected by traumatic experiences. Trainings and consultation are offered to administrators, teachers, school-based clinicians and other staff to develop policies, procedures and protocols that improve student achievement by incorporating research-based practices related to trauma and its effect on learning.


AIP provides trainings to teachers, administrators and other school staff in the understanding of trauma and its effects on student learning. Participants learn practical strategies for working with students affected by trauma. Small group as well as school-wide trainings are available. Follow-up trainings focus on understanding of student reactivity and strategies for classroom- and school-based procedures to support traumatized students.


AIP provides consultation school districts who are interested in promoting trauma-informed practices at a specific school or district-wide.

AIP provides consultation and guidance in:

  • Self-assessment
  • Staff Training and Support
  • Development of Trauma-informed Action Plans

AIP staff provide tools and direct consultation and guidance tailored to the needs of each district. Support can be offered at varying levels over time.